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I deposited my check in the atm on Friday a little after 7pm and on the bank slip it states that it would not be deposited till the next business day which should be Saturday so my money should be in my account Monday, because they are open for business on Saturday. The last time this happened my money wasn't in my account till Thursday after like 2 pm.

So i called today to see when my money would be in my account this time and she told me not till Tues. or Wed. because they don't have time on Sat. to do deposits and don't count Sat.

as a business day. Then she told me if i wanted to i could just change banks. Now that what i call a great employee. They should make her employee of the year.Lol.

That's how you run a business. I guess a will be looking to bank else where.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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