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I've had an account at Key Bank for 10 years but they closed my account four months ago because of no activity for 90 days - WITHOUT notifying me! I logged into my online account to check the balance of my account to find a vague error message about an issue with online access and to call Customer Service. It's possible they have an old mailing address and attempted to send me a letter however my online profile has both my email and my phone number and I've heard nothing from them. I'm also not able to view my mailing address in my profile so I could potentially update it if I noticed it was outdated.

The balance is also $1200 LESS than the last time I checked it and of course since they shut the account off, I'm not able to access any of my statements to see what happened.

Didn't know this was even much for having one of those accounts you just leave there and try to pretend it doesn't exist so you don't spend the money in it. Key Bank will gladly close your account and hold your money for you in their 'Unclaimed Property' account without much effort in trying to reach you.

Will NEVER use Key Bank again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Key Bank Usa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Closed account, NO notification.

Preferred solution: All of my previous bank statements so I know where the $1200 went and a check for the.

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You WERE notified when you opened the account. Fine print.


What do you you mean "IT IS POSSIBLE" that they have you old mailing address? You as a functioning adult should know if you've updated your address.

They aren't going to call, if anything, they'll send a letter. Sounds like you left out something. If not, they simply don't want to do business with you anymore.

Best make sure your address is up to date if you want that less than $1200.00 back. You probably should look into Check Systems and see if they have anything on you there.


Key Bank is dreadful. I could espouse numerous bush league errors at the branch level, difficult communication with management, and a lack of attention to serious matters which become worse through negligent inaction.

I was raised in a family of bankers and know more about it accidentally than some of these "trained" persons. If you want to know who is a REALLY lousy bank, allow me to introduce you to the forked tongues and sticky fingers of Huntington Bank.

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