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I was recently laid off I'm a seasonal worker I get laid off in the winter for about 2 months every year this year when I got laid off I apply for my unemployment and I had recently moved and bought my unemployment benefit card that is dealt with through this bank. to have a new card sent to me was told I needed to update my address I have sent them an email every day for the last 2 weeks with pictures of envelopes and also the document with my address for some reason my address is updated in their system but they are still refusing just send me my new card they verify every time I speak with them that it is updated it's been 2 weeks and they still will not send me a card my family is now going without and these people could care less horrible people rude personnel rude customer service and they will not put me on the phone with the actual people who I need to speak with about my card they tell me it is the back office and they don't have phones back there

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Wow, hey I know we have NOTHING better to do with our lives or time other than to get on pissed consumer and *** off already pissed off consumers. Yeah your cool.


You don't need unemployment, you need to get a real job and stop living off of the system, deadbeats always looking for free money...


Watch what you say, what goes around comes around. You may one day find yourself in the same position only to be called a hippocrit.




Here was your chance to expose Key Bank for what it is ; substandard. Unfortunately you chose to issue an endless sentence containing little info. Since this is your complaint, I won't compose my own (full of facts, specifics, locations, methods, etc.) but I will agree that Key Bank isn't good for much if you have any issue other than cashing a check.


Ding Ding Ding....The award for the longest, most incoherent run-on sentence goes to you...


Your bank is full of ignorant. Ppl


Only half full. The other half spells "people" Ppl.

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