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Update by user Feb 07, 2019

Just fed up with this. This is what our country has turned into!

The biggest thieves we have to watch out for are not the people creeping around at night. Its the people hiding in plain sight. This pissed consumer is a *** JOKE! I heard that they get results, not a damn thing has changed.

This is just a *** site for people to complain on while the companys that we complain about laugh at us! What a complete joke!

*** Key Bank and *** pissed comsumer! waste of *** time!

Update by user Jan 11, 2019

so its been MONTHS and though I did get my account statement in the mail showing me how much they stole I still have yet to receive my $1,827.59 back from them! Still!

I called and talked to a lady from the corporate office and she told me it was in the mail. Meanwhile them *** me over like that when I recently got out of foreclosure and was put onto a loan modification program WHERE I COULD NOT BE LATE ON ANY OF MY PAYMENTS.... put me into default, screwed me SCREWED me and so the only chance that I worked so hard at KeyBank threw it right out the window! I am going to lose my home because of their stupid *** *** the did to me FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN SOMEONE ELSE FROM ANOTHER *** STATE HACKED INTO MY ACCOUNT SO INSTEAD OF HELPING THE TEAMED UP WITH THE HACKED AND ROYALY *** ME OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!

Im talking with a lawyer and they are putting some documents together and we are going after them for the damages because of their negligence in handling my funds intrusted to them! You cant just steal peoples money and keep it from them!

Original review posted by user Dec 12, 2018

I got a call from key bank, the guy said that there had been some odd activity on my account. I told him yeah the other day I tried to log in and it had been locked out due to too many failed attemps, but I called the bank they never said a word about the fact it was 3 different states that attempted to breach my account they just unlocked it for me.

You would had figured they would of told me so I could have placed a hold on the account but no not a word to me. So he goes on to ask me if I was traviling, I said no im in Colorado. He said from 3 different states he had people logged into my account doing things. I didn't know what to say to that.

Then he asked me if Iwas excpecting any money to be deposited, I said no except the fact that I just started my own business and some times people pay with vinmo or square cash and that is linked to my account. Then he starts to get upset at me and all pissy and asked if I gave out me info I said no and he gets real *** with me and says that he filing a case of fraud against me and hangs up the phone. Then I find out all of my money is gone, I have no more accounts I cant even use my prepaid cards.

I try and call him, I leave him messages but he wont call back Ive emailed the bank called left messages but no one will tell me whats going on. Im broke have no money because they took everything, cant pay my mortgage and I just got out of foreclosure I cant eat I have no gas for my car I am ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Key Bank Usa Account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: to sue them.

Key Bank Usa Cons: Them taking all of my money, Closing accounts for no reason, Refusal to speak to me, Rude service.

  • Closed Account
  • False Fraud Charges
  • Wrongful Fraud
  • Seized Account
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