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Update by user Jun 02, 2019

Still to date these *** after closing my account have not yet even returned my money that was in the checking account when it closed! How many months has it been now!? Or are we at years now??

Update by user Feb 07, 2019

Here it is and yet another month passes where they just get to keep my money! This whole site is a scam!

This produces NO RESULTS! Just fed up with this. This is what our country has turned into!The biggest thieves we have to watch out for are not the people creeping around at night. Its the people hiding in plain sight.

This pissed consumer is a *** JOKE! I heard that they get results, not a damn thing has changed.This is just a *** site for people to complain on while the companys that we complain about laugh at us!

What a complete joke!*** Key Bank and *** pissed comsumer! waste of *** time!

Update by user Jan 23, 2019

Still nothing they just pawn me off between different people in their company. Really makes a person feel respected (sarcasm).

They don't know what happened to my money and have deemed the case CLOSED.

So they honestly think that spur of the moment when the *** me and defaulted my loan modification with my mortgage company that I really had EXACTLY $0.00 in my account at that time. Well for anyone who feels I'm making this *** up then I provided a picture of my final balance SENT TO ME BY KEY BANK.

Original review posted by user Jan 17, 2019

Been over 2 months since they closed out my account and stole $1,827.59 from me. So if you are looking for a bank to trust having your money in let me give you the actual run down on how this bank does business.

Now before I begin I have all documents to back this up. Though you may see some comments from there staff afterwards attacking this post. That just goes to show how shady and unprofessional this bank operates.

First their idea of "fraud protection" is to accuse you the customer of fraud. Second they close out your account and steal your money.

Third they send you a letter confirming that they stole your money. And finally fourth when you call them up they say that the case is closed and you have to take it up with a different department. They are NOT FDIC insured what they do if there is ANY breach in your account is have an EXTREAMLY rude and pissed off person contact you, yell at you and tell you he is putting a case on you for fraud then before you can say much he hangs up on you. That's how they avoid paying out damages plus they just keep whatever money was in your account!

Like I really had a balance of exactly $0.00 when they closed out my account yeah right but what I did have 2 *** months ago was $1827.59. By the way I was on a loan modification program to save my home from foreclosure and when they shut down my account the money in it was to make my payment. So key bank defaulted my loan modification and now I am GOING TO LOSE MY HOME BECAUSE THESE *** IDIOTS STEAL PEOPLS *** MONEY AND ARE IN THE BUISNESS OF *** OVER EVERY SINGLE PERSON THEY CAN! *** KEY BANK AND IM WITH 11 OTHER PEOPLE TRYING TO GET A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIET AGAINST THEM!


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