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Just a warning for anyone who is thinking about opening a checking account with Key Bank.

They put through transactions in an order that makes them the most money and screws you! They will put though the largest transactions first and hold back little transactions so they can build up overdraft fees. They even held a cash deposit I made for 3 days!! CASH !

They are such a big soulless bank no one has the authority to do anything or even knows who to get you in touch with. They will bounce you around. They must outsource their customer service because no one has the knowledge or ability to do anything other then answer simple questions.

Their customer service agents and branch mangers don't even understand their own 15 page book of rules for a simple "free" checking account.

Find a bank that has a soul and doesn't try and screw low income families out of money.

Review about: Key Bank Usa Account.

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Cary, North Carolina, United States #229584

Correction: Almost ALL banks post transactions from highest to lowest dollar amount within any given day. Wells Fargo just lost a class action lawsuit for doing the same thing in CA and was ordered to pay over $200 million. Of course, the bank appealed...

Because of the revenue it generates for the bank in fees, you will not find any financially sound bank that posts transactions in the order you actually did them. The best thing you can do is keep a check register so you know that you have outstanding checks even if they haven't been cashed yet.

Oh, and banks don't hold cash deposits for more than one day unless you deposited it in an envelope through an ATM or night depository drop over the weekend. They can't verify the cash until someone actually checks it.


You see if you were a real adult, you would know that banks make money various ways, and that your rhetorical question just illustrates your ignorance.

Yes over draft fee along with loan interest, transaction fees, investing... are how banks make money young one. But a wise bank, (like the other banks I use) are more interested in building life long customers they would much rather make 15K of the interest of a car, house or other loan, or make money the way most successfully banks do in the long term, rather then trying to gouge someone a few hundred dollars on a account and *** them off for life.

It's called customer service, and the power of consumer choice. I am telling people to take their money (and loans) to another bank, that actually has a soul. Now hopefully you can figure that out... ***.


What are you Amish? How do you think banks make money ***? Get interest off of the $21.56 that you have in your savings account.

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